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Episode 3 - Discovering the Vision Behind Justin's Epic Journey

April 10, 202416 min read

Understanding the Vision of Justin's Epic Journey

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A Glimpse into Justin's Mission

"I'll produce it and send it to you guys so you can see kind of what this whole system looks like and at the end of the day my goal is to share who I am as a person through how I show up every day through how I talk to people through how I engage with virtual world through all of that I want people to know who is Justin because that of the day if they invest into America they're literally investing into the value I create with my time in the past and everything I do in the what is your goal for your's so my ultimate goal yes I look at a tax code like the list of America's biggest problems for and one of those problems with social SEC and Social Security comes down to how is the pr and I look at it I think the biggest problem in our society is we think five years is a longterm goal five years is a very short time like when you expand life and everything time is the most valuable so I'm I'm operating my goal what we go through today my goal is to do it every week for the next 100 years well you're gonna have a longer lifespan than I am right and I'll I'll die but I'll pass of the accid off to someone else because at the end of the day companies and that's why I believe expanded timeline over the last 100 150 years everything has changed the way it has fed and the way uh inflation goes up and the crashes and everything like that it's all dependent on decisions that were made before that like right now I believe we're going into a huge crash as a soci like if you look at when the Great Depression happened years ago we entering that era is my belief we already there exactly exactly and so in a downturn like that is where billion dollar organization and so my vision with the market buing compan is to create an asset to that is owned by the employee that help us be successful over the so these asss [Music] not no that's always so I look at me the the person [Music] huh numero numero and every my kids are access like not to get super business but everyone who reads is an asset to wom that's how I look and so success to me is literally I put it on my 40-year goal would be to turn this into one of the amendments to Constitution give it completely away to the people not the government and I see there's a big difference between the two so the people control the asset because at the end of the day one you can divide high as many if you want always and so that's where I where you invest your time where you invest money the decisions you make every day create the life you live and it's about who's on your te and so my goal with all of it is to create a team of people who say Justin you're nuts but I I see what you're trying to do I'm gonna encourage you to do that I'm gonna go over here and live my own life I hope you succeed over here because that will benefit my life over here but if not I'm L than 27 or whatever you subcribe right because at the end of the day life is about paying taxes is a choice there are consequences of not not doing that but that's that's just the way I work at life and so that's my whole goal with this blog and everything I've done I've been trying to explain this idea the this is the blog which essentially digital billboard right every single person on the plane can do what there's nothing unique about me except my and the life I you cannot steal my connections you cannot steal what I've done in the past and what I've plan to do on the future you can do anything I you but that's the beauty of humanity that's the beauty of owning your there no one can see y you know so and that's what I'm trying to create on all of this so I'll run through this and please ask question because at the end of the day this is about me sharing my beliefs with people if they want to understand more that's where questions and everything else comes from if they want to get involved that's great whatever I'm gonna live my life the way I choose and that's the beauty of life that's what I think it means to be an American so every I do is around expanding and contrasting time when it comes to production and what you do as an organization so this report I update every Friday and that is the main thing I'm doing because we're talking through it that turns this from a PRC done for you interview to a national P strategy education which is where I'm trying to talk through my week talk through what it is on and so I do that just come in up here and update it every week essentially all my social channels drive to the blog which drives attention back to Service Experts which drives Revenue into americ and so virtual Justin is what I consider all of virtual Justin is ran by me in the real world I wear the glasses be the talking Rosie's my virtual assistant in the Philipp who's processing all this so as I create stuff she's and once I get started with service expert she'll be the one reing comments and booking sales anding me how your so affiliate marketing if you look at the website there's a lot of different ways marke so Sandler trainy is my dad's company okay I grew up in it I spent 10 years as a trainer coach helping him grow his company I left we got a ceas sis butter because I was learning digital oh and so that's when I started my own entrepreneurial journey in 2018 and so I left on that journey and so he gives me commission for leads and revenue I and then I get commission for service and both that drives Revenue in on top of the subscribers who are also driving Revenue so Service Experts is paying for all this because I pay for I get my money okay does that yes make sense so and the goal is this is how it operates right now the goal is to get where it's operating more like Brookshire halfway and we're just generating Revenue buying existing equities shares on the market and just and then people just get involved through the subscription when they subscribe then they're adding value to the prod they also get ownership of the prod on that and it's designed people can sign up and cancel whenever they want but the multiplier based on the number of years basically the more years involv ownership every W gets so they're paying the same yearly rate the same mon okay so you have to add value in get and it's just an option right think of this like Black Rock vard any of those they're all options this is just my version of so that's the business model it's all built around you own my you own the results of money right I own my time I control my time the subscriber the results so this is next week's calendar uh next week it will be Service Experts focused hooray and then social media activity after I got let go from my last job I was like I'm turning everything off so I kind of stopped creating for the last two months then monthly reoccurring Revenue so right now we have $300 Mr going into the system Act subscribers Revenue growth turn and again these are all metrics we're just going to track them every week the system doesn't change time changes so then here's Mr subscriber activity and again it's I want everybody who's involved to know what's going on with the accet real time as we're traveling through time so Mr activity annual run rate this is based off five people paying $27 a month currently and one person paying $150 and so those are me some close friends that believe in me that's where we're at right all right so you're to dat I've actually been trying to explain this since 2022 not very well but that's how success is though so here is pnls so next there's I look at this like a labor union in labor unions typically the employee pay something and a company will pay something right and our goal is to make a union that anyone can be a part of whether the company is or not whether the individual is or not so anyone can subscribe the annual Christmas ornament subscription program is for the individual so you get a RFID business card the little swipe thing I believe no one can tell anyone the most important thing that will happen in their life every year so we give them a picture FR they we can give you a case to hold it that owner manual it gives you the article of incorporation the bylaws contract how does this thing work how do you share stuff all that uh next you get a US made in America flag and then you get a silver Co and this is designed to be a collectible that you can sell as hey I have a silver point that is worth this much bu what so there's I want to a bunch of companies that do all of this already and that's I look at myself like a leg open everything I'm trying to do out there exists currently I'm just trying to put it together in a new way that's why I'm excited about Ser as experts they're already public like a perfect would be if they come and acquire all of the class sh and now we're instead of Hey That's the goal is to go public now instead of going through all that let's just get AC do it faster and then the reason someone would subscribe long term is the future of society investment op so there are things that happen every day that I believe Drive our society and should be celebrated with that so marriages new babies adopting a child divorce unexpected medical events graduating college graduating high school losing a child joining the military or becoming a citizen these are things I think as a society we should C and so it's set up if you've made an payment of $27 in the last 30 days and one of these things happen you pay additional $100 you get extreme discounted shares that in ideally you could turn around and sell on the open market to generate cash flow or you hold on to them and build your not work so that's why an individual would want to subscribe and stay subscribe because you can cancel at any time but it's just like any insurance thats it the next product is the national tax strategy education program and so that is literally anytime I try to explain this idea I consider it part of that program and then I take it and I put it on my social pannel I put it on that in the community where other people can download that because this conversation one onone because we digitize it we could share this conversation with a million people extremely easy but you can't do that in the real to get a million people you got to do the a to and like years planning and everything and so that's all we're trying to do is Leverage What happens in the virtual world what happens in the real world and how do they interact over time for all of us does that make I know this is I don't know much about the digital world so a lot of it's going I know very much of food and like product stuff I I try to learn but like I really don't know much about this kind of stuff at all EX not really beneficial and that's the that's the point right can you agree that something like this could be valuable to let's say Elon mus was trying to do this would that make sense it has to prospect yes right yeah and so all it is is saying hey we're not there yet this is the idea and process this is where right and I'm I'm gonna make this journey because it's fun because the time's gonna pass and my goal is to leave the world a better place okay so as far as the podcast I mean what are we doing this is okay we're just talking through this whole whole thing Perfect all right so but that's this is just my version of how I think we should fix it and that's what I'm and it's Ric but um it's I wouldn't say ridiculous but your up B deal with bureaucracy have trillions of dollars under their bill and it's you know it's a systemic process where you have to knock down each department before you actually get to the meat and potatoes of correcting the system to and that's perfect world I don't know what all your beliefs are in a perfect world I believe we as a society need CH from the exactly and that's this is my idea on a way to think because that I think is what we need change we need to change how we think about each other we need to change about how we operate with each other we need to change the way comp each other like in a I think in a and so my goal with all of it the reason I don't care who did but like if Donald Trump heard about this I run take whatever like at the end of the day we're all fighing the same we're all on the same right like that's just how I look yeah so um it's the podcast there's a community and then depending on there's five levels the 150 300 750 1500 and 2000 depending on the level an organization subscribes to determines how many shares every W2 employee regardless of how many because the goal is to collect time the company's already collected the time already monetized and controll the time now we just need to monetize it from the company okay right so from an investor standpoint it's a little it's a little hard to envision exactly what the value is in this system. However, Justin is on a mission to change society and the way we think about time, money, and ownership. He believes in creating an asset owned by the employee and aims to make the employee feel invested in the company's success. Justin's goal is to create a team of people who share his vision and are willing to support him in his journey.

Expanding and Contrasting Time for Production and Organization

Justin updates a report every Friday, which turns his blog into a national strategy education platform. He shares his weekly experiences and insights to drive attention back to Service Experts and generate revenue for the company. Virtual Justin, as he calls it, is managed by himself in the real world. He uses social channels to promote and market his content, and once he starts with Service Experts, he plans to have a virtual assistant handling customer interactions and support. Justin also engages in affiliate marketing, promoting his dad's company, Sandler Training, in exchange for commissions. Additionally, he earns revenue from the subscribers who are driving revenue for Service Experts.

Justin's business model involves generating revenue by buying existing equities on the market, with the goal of eventually becoming a publicly traded asset. He aims to provide ownership to subscribers based on the number of years they have been involved. The more years of involvement, the higher the ownership and the yearly rate they pay. While subscribers can cancel whenever they want, the longer they stay involved, the more ownership they accumulate. Justin constantly updates his blog with new information and social media activity, allowing subscribers to stay informed about the progress of the asset in real-time.

The Importance of Transparency and Ownership

For Justin, transparency is key. He believes that everyone should have the opportunity to own their time and control their own lives. His goal is to create a team of people who understand his vision and support it, even if they have their own separate lives. Justin envisions creating a digital billboard, where every individual can share their own unique value. He emphasizes that no one can steal his connections or accomplishments, and that everyone has the power to create their own success.

Creating Value and Building a Better Future

Justin's ultimate goal is to leave a positive impact on the world. He views success as not just about making money, but about how he shows up and engages with others. He wants to encourage people to invest their time and money wisely, as their choices shape the life they live. Justin believes that by changing the way we think about each other and operating together, we can create a better society. He envisions a future where individuals have control over their own assets and can collectively celebrate important life events.

The Journey Ahead

Justin acknowledges that his journey is challenging and that not everyone may understand or support his vision. However, he remains committed to educating and sharing his beliefs with others. He encourages questions and involvement from those who want to learn more or be a part of his mission. Justin recognizes that change takes time and effort, but he is determined to make a difference.


What is Justin's ultimate goal?

Justin's ultimate goal is to create an asset that is owned by the people, not the government, and to leave a positive impact on the world.

How does Justin plan to achieve his goal?

Justin plans to create a team of people who share his vision and support him in his journey. He aims to educate and share his beliefs to inspire change in society.

How does Justin's business model work?

Justin's business model involves generating revenue by buying existing equities on the market. Subscribers pay a yearly rate and accumulate ownership based on the number of years they have been involved. The longer they stay involved, the more ownership they accumulate.

What is the significance of transparency and ownership to Justin?

Transparency is important to Justin as he believes that everyone should have the opportunity to own their time and control their own lives. He wants to create a world where individuals have control over their own assets and can collectively celebrate important life events.

How can individuals get involved in Justin's journey?

Individuals can get involved by subscribing to Justin's blog and staying informed about the progress of the asset. They can also ask questions and engage with Justin to learn more about his vision.


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Justin Stephens

Justin Stephens is a husband and a father of 3. He is always looking for ways to create the impact that he is chasing, changing the way employees are compensated in America.

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