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April 02, 2024 - An Unforgettable Day in April 2024

April 01, 20247 min read

Newsletter Sent out today:

Good morning! Today is April 2, 2024, and it's a lovely Tuesday morning. The sun is shining brightly, making it a perfect day. I've already had a productive morning by attending my accountability group, success builders. It was a fun session where we motivated each other to achieve our goals.

Now, I'm taking my dog, Penny, for a walk to enjoy the beautiful weather before my counseling session in an hour. Later, my in-laws have asked me to help sell a car for my aunt. It's a 2007 Cadillac that used to belong to Emily's grandma. After her passing, the car has only been driven for 65,000 miles. It's a great opportunity to find a buyer and maybe even a perfect starter car for a teenager.

Preparing to Sell the Car

My task for today is to clean the car thoroughly, take attractive pictures, and post them online to spread the news about the sale. I'm excited to showcase the car's features and find a potential buyer before I start my new job with service experts on the 16th. It's an amazing opportunity that I'm eagerly looking forward to.

A Journey Worth Documenting

While working on selling the car, I can't help but reflect on the progress I've made. I've been documenting my journey through daily journals, primarily on X and YouTube. It's thrilling to see the viewership grow, and I appreciate every new subscriber who joins me on this adventure. The more people watch and share my content, the more visibility it gains, and it helps in building a team and achieving our goals.

Sharing my journey in this way is valuable because it's authentic. No one can duplicate or fake it. It's all about showcasing the real world and the ups and downs I experience. As this platform grows, I'll have a documented record of where I was during significant events or milestones. It's exciting to be a part of history in the making.

Writing Our Own History

Many of us don't often think about the fact that we write our own history every single day. Our actions, dreams, and decisions shape the narrative of our lives. It's a profound responsibility that we all have. Just like I'm writing my own story, I hope that someday Weed Man, a business I'm involved in, becomes a part of America's holding company. This would mean that their logo would proudly represent our partnership, showcasing their affiliation with our team.

By uniting various entities and individuals through time, we create a collective history that is greater than the sum of its parts. It's a goal that I'm working towards, and it'll be interesting to see how it unfolds.

Cherishing Life's Moments

As I continue my walk with Penny, I can't help but marvel at the beauty of life. There's never a dull moment, and each day presents new opportunities and experiences. I'm grateful for the summer ahead, knowing that it will bring even more joy and adventure.

It's important to remember that history is not just something that happened in the past; it's being written in the present moment. Our actions, thoughts, and choices contribute to the ongoing narrative. It's a reminder to live intentionally and make decisions that align with our values and aspirations.

Embracing Life's Priorities

In my success builders group, we discussed the importance of prioritizing our families, handling transitions, and taking care of our insurance needs. It's astonishing how many things we could be doing but often overlook because we don't consider them a priority. However, these seemingly small tasks ultimately shape our lives and the stories we leave behind.

So, on this delightful day in April 2024, I encourage you to reflect on the history you're writing. What decisions and actions will shape your narrative? Let's strive to make choices that align with our dreams and values, creating a meaningful and fulfilling story.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Have a fantastic day!

Daily Podcast Journal:


Daily Video Journal:

Daily Journal Transcript:

Good morning. Good morning. Good morning.

It is April 2, 2024. Penny, come on. It is a Tuesday morning on this delightful day.

Nice and sunny out. Really is a great day. It's gonna be.

It's gonna be a fantastic week. So this morning, I've already been to my accountability group, success builders. So that was fun.

Now I am taking Penny on a walk, got counseling in about an hour, then I am. My in laws have asked me to help sell a car for my aunt or great aunt in law, something like that. So I am going to be working on putting together and selling this car on their behalf, which is cool.

It's a. So it's a 2007, like, cadillac that Emily's grandma owned, and then her aunt, once her grandma died, it's only got, like, 65,000 miles. So it's.

It'll be a fun car to sell. I think it'll be a great starter car for some teenager, probably. That's my guess.

We'll see. We'll see what happens with it. So I'm gonna go out, work on cleaning it up, taking pictures, getting it online, work on spreading the news to see if we can't find a buyer.

Before I start with service experts on the 16th, I'm very excited about that. I cannot wait. I cannot wait.

Mm hmm. So working on that today, and who knows? Who knows what else will come up and happen? We've been getting the daily journals out, not started putting content anywhere except x and YouTube. I did get a new follower on YouTube yesterday.

Thank you, new subscriber. That is very exciting. I appreciate everybody that cares enough to even watch the journey, and that's how this whole thing is designed to work.

I document the journey. People watch the journey, share the journey, and I document it. The more people watch it and share it, the more people see it.

And eventually the team starts growing and building, and then the virality of, wait. If I subscribe to America's holding company, I get ownership of the show that is ongoing, and I can cancel any time. Okay, great.

I mean, that's how it's designed to work. We'll see. It's kind of crazy.

March 28, 2022, was the day I officially sign the paperwork. It's been two years I've been trying to explain this, explain what I see or what I think, what I believe, I don't even know. But that's life.

Life is about chasing what you see, because it's your life. And success builders, we talked a lot about taking care of our family and transitions and insurances and stuff like that it's shocking how much there is you should be doing. Could be doing.

But we don't because we don't prioritize it. And we think it doesn't matter. But that is life.

So that is my fun filled day. Benny, where are we going now? Apparently we've got to go smell this tree. I think our humanity is what separates us from AI.

That's one of the reasons I create content this way, is because nobody can duplicate. You can't fake it. There's too many variables.

I am me in the real world. And especially as this grows, I'll be documenting everything so I have proof of where I was when XYZ happens or ABC happens, or anything like that, which will be cool. It'll be cool.

Yep. We're writing history. Most people don't think about that.

Ask yourself, who writes history? How's it written? When's it written? Each and every one of us. We all write our own history. Every single day.

Oh, Penny. Hey, guys. How are you doing? Luca? You guys having fun today? Kids, man.

Right? It's good. Never a dull moment. Just out walking, enjoying the weather, and it's so nice.

I love it. I'm here for the summer, right? Yes, indeed. Have a good day.

What a wonderful life we live. Anyways, history is written in the moment, in our dreams, in the actions, all day, every day. Most people don't think about it, but it is.

And that's where what history you're writing becomes a very big decision that I think all of us play. See, someday, I hope weed man becomes part of America's holding company. And all they have to do is put their little logo right there, or our logo right there, or right here or whatever.

And now they're telling everyone else, hey, we're part of this team. And everybody else can see, oh, not only is weed man doing all of this other stuff, they're also part of this team. It's how we unite each other through time.

That's my goal. We'll see. Anyways, have a great day, everybody.

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Justin Stephens

Justin Stephens is a husband and a father of 3. He is always looking for ways to create the impact that he is chasing, changing the way employees are compensated in America.

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