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Journal Entry: November 8, 2022

November 08, 20222 min read

Life is constantly moving and growing, and we are all learning throughout the process!

As I get better at understanding what I am building, it is getting easier for me to explain it to people.

It is also getting easier for me to cut out the things that I don't believe add value to the system and streamline it.

Today I figured out a way to put the real time cap table and future projections on the website for anyone to look through, if you would like to take a look, check out this link:

My hope is that this will be a visual representation of where we are at as an organization. People will be able to see how little I actually own of America's Holding Company, and they can see how it is designed to collect money over time.

This page is about the funding the vision behind what we have created.

Once you get a grasp of the overall process, you can start to see why Class B shares are the most valuable shares and that the Class B shares are the hardest to get.

This is why the only way to get a large amount of Class B shares is by becoming a production partner with us. People can either become an affiliate themselves, or they can work in a company who is an affiliate, or they can work with a company that we have ownership within.

Once you start working with us as part of production, you get the multiplier added on to the number of shares you will receive each year.

If you want to learn more about how the ESOP (employee stock ownership plan) works within America's Holding Company, you can visit this page:

Overall, the goal is to create a system that is owned by the people operating within this system.

If no-one joins me in this mission, I will own a lot more of America's Holding Company.

If it grows and works the way that I have designed it, then I will constantly have my shares diluted and we will be issuing more shares and doing stock splits as needed. This tool is designed to be used, and used together. The more people that we have working together to chase our dreams, the more successful we all will be.

America's Holding Company is designed as a tool that anyone can use throughout life, and at any age.

I am working on teaching my kids how it works and how to drive attention which drives value which drives the financial world.

Understanding my long term goal is why this project has developed the way it has.

I hope that people take time and really plan out their future and the life they want to live.

The future is yours, but you must design it!

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Justin Stephens

Justin Stephens is a husband and a father of 3. He is always looking for ways to create the impact that he is chasing, changing the way employees are compensated in America.

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